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Hi I'm Jessica, but you       can call me 



So, you know my name, and you've seen my face. But what's my story?!

I am an outdoors loving, sun soaking, adventure seeking 25 year old from a small little town in Massachusetts called Ashburnham. I live for long, warm summer nights, fishing trips, and traveling somewhere new. I am a HUGE baseball fan (go Sox). My off days are almost always spent fishing, walking a new trail, or at the gun range practicing the sport of skeet and trap!  Some people find it shocking how much I enjoy being one with nature. I think most people expect me to be real girly but my hobbies typically reflect a much more adventurous, laid back, and I'm sure some would say, rugged women. 

I love getting outside and getting my hands dirty but there's a part of me that is super feminine. I love taking any opportunity I can to get all dressed up. Even if it's just for date night with my fiance, Matt. We love venturing out and trying new restaurants when we have the chance. Although we have become more home bodies recently and we've been really enjoying take out and our evenings with netflix.

You could say I'm pretty low maintenance, which I think is why I enjoy providing low maintenance hair so much. I love that I am able to help enhance the natural beauty of my guests through strategic color placement, and in return show them a new level of confidence. Through my low maintenance techniques my guests are able to go longer in between appointments which gives them more time to spend adventuring or exploring new hobbies!


Now that you've gotten to know me on a personal level, you might find yourself asking what it's like to sit in my chair.

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